I’m overweight. I’ve been overweight for about as long as I can remember now. I’m not obese, I’m just a little chunky around the waist, a little too much on the belly, and a smidgeon of a extra chin.

It bothers me. Not in a great big way. I don’t get depressed about it. I would just prefer to be a little less. I’m on the border where a little sustained excess makes me feel bad and a little sustained good eating and exercise makes me feel really good.

Over the years I’ve tried to get my weight down without much success. Over the last 18 months I have kept my weight consistent despite know that my eating/drinking habits have been poor. On the whole I have a good diet – I just tend to pick out on crap every now ( usually when work boredom kicks in ) and my portion control is real bad!

So I’m pretty sure that a better eating regime, less pigging out and bingeing, and more consistent exercise should easily allow me to achieve the required weight loss.

So the aim is to drop 2 stone over the next 6 months. That’s nearly 13kilos or 28lb or 13 bags of sugar!

At the start of this last week, I was 94kilo, 207lbs, 14 st 11 lbs. One week in I have dropped just over 3lbs… watch this space… or not…

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7 Replies to “Weight”

  1. Keep us posted Chris. Why not try food combining ? You dont mix carbs and protein in the same meal. So if you have meat you never have rice or potatoes with it. Likewise you can have eg baked potatos but with a veggie filling. Works pretty well. Alternatively you can turn to nuts and fruit like me.

  2. I don’t go for that combining nonsense… 🙂 Just eat less and eat well.
    I already eat a lot of fruit and have just added nuts as my “picking” food.

  3. Hi Chris,

    I’ll have some kilos off you please.

    I’m only 55kg and just been diagnosed with a hyperactive thyroid…..its me glands!!
    At 175cm tall as well, its not good. So I’m willing to take 8Kg off you, just post it and I’ll find it a new home on my bum!

    Try walnuts, they’re good for the brain. I would try eating 6 times a day, small portions.

    1. Caroline, I think you might be on to something there… so how do we create an international weight trading system…?

  4. Good luck with the diet! (When a random person wishes you luck, you know it’s worth doing…)

  5. Ermmm, not too sure.
    I don’t think slicing sections off your ‘generous areas’ would be too good for your health!

    Neither do I like the thought of lippo’ing it out of one to another, I might end up with a hairy bum and if its off your double chin I might have to shave it to!

    I think we need a rethink, how about swapping Thyroids.

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