Audio Books – The Problems

I’ve now listened through a few audio books, some of them multiple times, and I have to say that it’s a most enjoyable way of passing those long journies or gym sessions.
However, I finally have a problem with them – SINGING!
I’ve just started listening to “The Lord Of The Rings”, which in itself is an interesting concept as it’s narrated by Rob Inglis who sounds a little like Oliver Postgate narrating Ivor The Engine or The Clangers. Anyway, the real problem is that LOTR us littered with damned songs, especially near the beginning! And the narrator sings them all… no easy fast forward button especially when you’re driving.

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  1. I’ve just listened to Martin Shaw’s reading of The Hobbit, which was very good indeed. It’s abridged and most of the songs are recited rather than sung. Borrow it and see what you think…

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