Lovefilm – Part Deux

Saving Private Ryan
’s war epic about one mans task to find a soldier and bring him home. Despite all the blood and gore, and the first 25 minutes it is unrelenting, I really enjoyed this. [IMDb]

Shark Tale
I din’t actually watch this, but the kids seem to enjoy it. [IMDb]

Sin City
Hated this! This was the only film that I didn’t watch all of – I just couldn’t bare how bad it was. Some people might call it stylish, it just thought it was cheap and poor. [IMDb]
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Lovefilm – Part 1

I got a free three month trial membership to Lovefilm just before christmas, so I’ve been using it to the full over the last three months. Basically, I can have two films at home at any time and as soon as I send them back, two more off my list are dispatched to me.

Anyway, here is a list of what I have watched over the last three months…

– The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe
I liked the first quarter or maybe half of this film, which ties in with the book. I always get bored at about the point that Aslan gets involved and the film was no exception. This was made worse by the fact that Aslan is played by who is just about the worse voice over actor going… [IMDb]

This was enjoyable, nothing remarkable but a worthwhile watch all the same. Tells the true-ish story of Coach Carter as he struggles to turn a bunch of no hope basketball players into a winning team. puts in a great performance and makes the film. [IMDb]

Curious George
This was just a joy. The story wasn’t great but the animation style is lovely and the soundtrack so complements the laid back nature of the film. [IMDb]

Dark WaterDark Water
A woman moves into a “haunted” apartment with her child. The film was ok, is very good in it. [IMDb]

Based on the book of the name name by . This was let down by when he plays the Alien Mr Grey. Apart from that it is what it is. [IMDb]

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MementoI watched Memento over the weekend. What a film! Highly recommended.

I won’t go into any real detail as if you haven’t seen it then just go an rent it out. However the basic plot is that Leonard has lost the ability to transfer short term memory to long term, and thus forgets everything very quickly.

The film starts with him killing Teddy and works its way back from there. It is depicted in short burts of scenes that work their way back. So for example, you see Leonard in the cloak room of a diner, he re-enters the diner and the waiter brings him something telling him that he left it on the table. The scene cuts. We then see Leonard enter the diner and the events that took him to the cloak room unfold. Scene cut. We then see the action prior to him getting to the diner.. etc…

What this means is that a) you know what happened and then just need to find out why it happened. b) you have to think about the film because you are getting everything in the wrong order.

By the end I felt that the story had been very good and the delivery exceptional.

stars as Leonard and does a very good job. It’s actually a little odd because I think he is basically playing the character as if he was playing the character. You could easily swap one out for the other. he kind of looks like Pitt and his acting is straight from a number of Pitt films.

Very enjoyable viewing.

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Ocean’s Twelve

What is it with this pile of shite…? I really enyoyed Oceans Eleven, I thought it was a well made remake despite being involved. So despite most sequels not matching their previous film in quality, I thought it would at least be worth a watch… I can’t believe I could have been so wrong.

I can’t even be bothered to describe the many things that are wrong with this film, all I want to say is… Never… never… never… watch Oceans Twelve it is a complete pile of arse paper.

What I really can’t believe is; they are making another film… Ocean’s Thirteen!!!!

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The Passion of the Christ

passion_of_christ.jpgI watched ’s The Passion of the Christ over the weekend; an interesting endeavour. Although I am an , I do have an interest in all things Christ like. I don’t rule out the possibility that Christ did exist in some form or another, and that current stories about him are a version of the truth, if we remove any obvious Son of God elements etc…
Anyway, it’s hard going. It’s very well made and very gritty; not the clean cut versions that have previously been show. If there is any truth in the story, you well imagine it could have looked something like this. However, this realism has its price; the film is so hard to watch because it is so horrible. I had to watch it in two sittings to ease the pain.

The film doesn’t bring anything new to the story of The Passion it just depicts it very realisticly, so on that basis I have to question the point of the film. I guess if you are Christian then it would cement your feelings for Christ and what he went through to absolve your sins, if you are Jewish then you’re going to be pretty angry about how the film depicts the actions of the Jews.

If we remove the obvious issues about “facts” of the story, it seems to me that much of the film is on dubious territory with regards the facts of what happened. I don’t recall there being any story that depicts the sheer amount of tortue that Jesus supposedly endured. Yes, the way in which he was tortured is likely correct, there is indeed written history that details how the Romans crucified people. However, had any man been tortured so much then I doubt he would have made it to Golgotha let alone be still alive to actually be attached to the cross. Gibson portrays the Roman soldiers as being particularly nasty drunken slobs, again I can’t see where any evidence would be that would hold up his depiction. And then, there are the Jews… if anything would make me consider that Gibson is anti-semitic, then this film is it. Again, there is little evidence to show that the Jews where so full of vile and hatred of Christ, yes they may have wanted him dead, but in such manner and with the huge venom and vitriole that the film depicts.

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